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Medina Fall Festival:

The Medina Fall Festival is an annual event sponsored by the Medina Lions Club.

The Medina Fall Festival has it's origin from the former annual "Community Days", when people from the surrounding area met in Medina in early summer for family fun, competitive races, and activities. Awarding winners with prize money. The Medina businesses provided free ice cream to everyone back then.

Now days the Medina Fall Festival is held annually over a 3-day weekend in early or mid-September. Various committees are formed by interested community people to prepare for the many activities planned.

Friday evening begins the event with fun family orientated entertainment at the school which may included local talent and/or locally-known celebrities.

Saturday morning has the city captivated by a parade, followed by a noon meal sponsored by the Lions and other local service organizations. Area individuals are welcome to compete in an exhibit of garden produce and crafts at the Legion Hall that is on display during the day. Those judged as winners are awarded ribbons and cash prizes.

The afternoon is filled with family orientated activities which may include games for the young people and horseshoe tournament in the city park, raffles, auctions, bingo at the Legion Hall, tractor and/or pickup pull. Food and craft vendors are often available. A street dance often follows in the evening sponsored by a few uptown businesses.

The biggest event is held on Saturday afternoon, with a very good crowd drawing pickup and tractor pull, with stock and modified pickups and tractors coming from the surrounding states and Canada.

For those individuals and families who wish to Thank God, in appreciation for the many blessings bestowed on our community during the year. Sunday Morning usually ends the festivity with a well attended all faith church service held at the school.

Each year the events schedule will vary slightly as new ideas and opportunities allow. Those who wish to volunteer on a committee please contact the committee's President listed below for more information.

Dates: Sept. 9th through 11th, 2017.

Sept. 2017 Medina Fall Festival Events - Download .PDF

Please check the Announcement page for latest updates on this event.


  • Bruce Schlecht, President - Phone: 701-486-3565
  • Tara Hofmann, Secreatary - Phone: 701-221-2728
  • Rhonda Schlecht, Treasurer - Phone: 701-486-3431

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