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Medina Ambulance Service:

The Medina Ambulance Service was started by and has shared quarters with the Medina Fire Department since 1961, when it's first used ambulance was acquire for just $75.00. In 1971 a volunteered ambulance squad was organized, and since then newer and better equipment and vehicles have been purchased and continue to be part of the services goals.

In 1985 the ambulance service was about to be dispensed, but it was very fortunate for our community, that concerned community volunteers stepped in to both save and advance this service.

In 1990 the squad had grown from first aid educated members, to advanced trained volunteers including: one Paramedic, three EMT-I's, and five EMT-B's, and several First Responders. It's no question that the volunteer help of the citizens of Medina and surrounding communities, businesses, and organizations have enable the Medina Ambulance Service to continue, and purchase important key emergency care equipment to help Save Lives!

The Medina Ambulance Service is the only volunteer squad in Stutsman County. They serve the rural families and communities of Medina, Streeter, Windsor, Woodworth, Cleveland, and Pettibone. This service continues to need the very important volunteer support and donations from the communities they serve.

The ambulance squad shares the classroom facilities of the Medina Fire Department, as continuing educational credits/certifications are required to keep abreast of new and better means of emergency care. Anyone who is willing and able to meet qualifications/training, and lives in the area of our community, is welcome to become a volunteer.

Please contact the individuals below if you are interested, or if you would like to get more information. Donations, to this very valuable assist of our community, are welcomed anytime.

Medina Ambulance Service
PO Box 756
Medina, ND 58467
Location: 107 College St SW
Non-emergency Phone: 701-486-3164
Emergency: 911


  • Ray Hofmann - President
    Info Phone: 701-486-3589
  • Brain Rau - Training Officer V.P.
  • Renae Olson - Secretary

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Medina Fire Department:

The Medina Fire Department was organized in 1908 prompting construction of a fire hall and purchase of new fire equipment. In 1918 the building was destroyed by fire, with rescued equipment kept in the Ford Garage until 1924 when a two story fire hall was built. Various pieces of equipment was purchased over the years to upgrade/replace older equipment.

In 1972 the Department was reorganized to form the Medina City and Rural Fire Protection District. This District included the city of Medina and townships of Chicago, Chase Lake, Valley Springs, St. Paul, Iosco, Newbury, Flint, Bloomenfield and Peterson.

Needing more room, a new Fire Hall was built in 1978 that was 40 x 60 feet in size, which allowed storage of ambulance, and a newly acquired and fully equipped rescue truck that was added to the fleet. Later in the 1980's and early 1990's were added a wildfire brush unit, a 2400 gallon tanker truck, and a one ton dually rescue truck with a foaming unit. Which required a 30 x 60 addition for storage, as well as a 30 x 30 foot classroom facility to teach the volunteers.

Besides helping to save lives and property. They are also working at raising money and trying to get grants for a new/used rescue truck and had received $5000 from the local Lions Club from the fund raiser "Harlem Embassadors" event, to help assest reaching that goal. Donations are appreciated towards this goal of a rescue truck.

Another benefit of having a well equipped and staffed Fire Department, is it helps reduce fire liability insurance premium costs for all of us in the community. The lower our Fire Departments ISO rating is the better. In recent years our Fire Department has gone from a ISO Rating of #8 to #6 and should be applauded for these efforts for improvement made possible from community/individual donations, and especially for our volunteer Fire Fighters time and efforts.

Anyone who is willing and able to meet qualifications/training and lives in the area of our community is welcome to become a volunteer. Please contact the individuals below if interested, or if you would like to get more information. Donation to this very valuable assist of our community, are always welcomed. As equipment/upgrades to help better serve our community are always in need of.

  • For Emergency Dial 911
  • Jared Opp - Fire Chief
    Info Phone: 701-486-3202
  • Brad Moser - Asst. Fire Chief
  • Ben Juelfs - Recording Secretary
Fire Captains:
  • Bill Busch
  • Ray Hofmann
  • Bob Moser
  • Brad Moser
  • Brian Rau

Medina Fire Department
107 College St SW
Medina, ND 58467
Non-emergency Phone: 701-486-3164
Emergency: 911

ISO Rating #6

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